About Kaïbou

KAÏBOU PRODUCTION Inc. was founded by

Chantal Desroches and Brice Garnier in 2001.

Kaïbou specializes in France-Canada thanks

to the 22 year production experience

in France of its principal.


Coproduction of animated feature films with Kaïbou Production Inc.

Service Production

Management of production for animated feature films & tv series, VFX :
. with Kaïbou Studio Inc. for Québec
. with Kaïbou Film Services Inc. for Ontario

Services include:

> Management of the production, quotation process, recruitment;

> Management of the studios, VFX, 2D and 3D Animation, Stop Motion, Stereoscopy, Sound, on-set effects, recruitment;

> Financing: cash flowing of tax credits, management of the immigration process for key staff, short term and medium term loans, cost control; administrative, legal and tax follow-up on all services rendered.


Kaïbou distributes films to Canadian broadcasters.

Kaïbou has a background in DVD distribution, books and toys/figurines for the youth segment.

Kaibou Studio is a group of long established companies within the parameters of the Quebec tax laws. Kaibou Studio offers a « turnkey solution » for management and financing of the tax credits.

With Kaibou Studio, no need to create an SPV or to register with the tax authorities. We offer a real management of your tax credits, an adequate sales taxes funding plan and for all your other funding needs.

Our team


Coordination of the administrative and production processes


CEO Kaïbou Production



Line Producer
specialized in animation


Her artistic vision contributes to sales development.

In charge of the Asterix license for the Canadian territory.

Handles the management and development of the Group.

Film Producer since 1984 including 22 years in France with Groupe Expand et In fine Films. Active In Québec with Kaïbou Production Inc since 2001.

Brice’s specialty is family entertainment, to which he brings his excellent knowledge of European and North American business cultures.

Specialized in animation with 15 years experience, Anne has 35 animated series and feature films to her credit, many of which are international coproductions.

Passion-driven and meticulous, she is a results-focused partner.

Colette BOUTIN

Director of finance
and administrative affairs

Olivier GLAAS

Executive producerNorth America
specialized in filming

Previously at Europa Corp, Olivier joined the Kaïbou Group’s expertise in 2017 as chairman of SAALGO Productions inc. based in Montreal.


Project coordinator

Trained at UQAM, Léa is a valuable support of our team.
She manages and coordinates the administration of projects.

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