JUNE 2020

Trouble in Paradise 

Kaïbou France Services has just signed the short film Trouble in paradise produced by WTE. The French studio Bloom Pictures is in charge of the animation.

JUNE 2020

Season 4 for WAKFU !

Ankama is preparing season 4 for WAKFU and is launching  KickstarterNotice to enthusiasts, all donations are welcome!

JUNE 2020

STUBBY series… it’s a go!

Kaïbou completes the development of the design for the series adaptation of the famous Stubby,hero of the eponymous feature film.

JUNE 2020

Disco Dragon: animation in the starting blocks

Kaïbou starts this spring the animation ofDico Dragon” with Caribara Animation studio.

MAY 2020

2nd casting session for DISCO DRAGON

Singers from 8 to 14 years old wanted for “Dico Dragon! A second casting session is organized by Mondo TV France in June 2020.

Contact: casting_dd@mondotv-france.com

MAY 2020

Kaïbou associated with the approach of the heroes of “Miraculous”

The “Miraculous” story of an information campaign aimed at children in connection with the Covid-19 crisis. This film aims to educate young people about respecting barrier gestures where institutional communication has limits.

Kaïbou is proud to be associated with the approach of the heroes of Miraculous by producing the feature film of the series.

HUFFPOST: Story of an information campaign

APRIL 2020


Miraculous and Robin des Bois on the go.

Mediawan LinkedIn link

MARCH 2020

Looking for talent!

On Animation Studio Montreal is hiring!
To celebrate the successful closing of the Ladybug Miraculous production, kaibou is pleased to share this recruitment announcement is hiring!
To celebrate the successful closing of the Ladybug Miraculous production, kaibou is pleased to share this recruitment announcement.

LinkedIn link



GIGANTOSAURUS, gigantic success in China!

The GIGANTOSAURUS series was launched in China on December 23 as part of a strategic agreement with the Youku platform (Alibaba group). Today, it ranks first among the platform’s foreign animation programs.

GIGANTOSAURUS also occupied the Youku home page for almost a week with multiple content, ranging from short video clips to downloadable graphics; it was only the second time that an international animation series had received such significant promotion.

GIGANTOSAURUS started airing on CCTV14 on December 26 with five episodes a day. On January 24, two Gigantosaurus characters, Mazu and Tiny, appeared on CCTV during the New Year’s Eve Gala, the world’s most-watched television entertainment program with an audience of nearly one billion people. .

GIGANTOSAURUS (52 x 11 ’) is an adaptation of the successful book by Jonny Duddle, published by Templar (United Kingdom). The series is produced in 2D and 3D CGI by Olivier Lelardoux and is aimed at preschoolers. It tells the adventures of four young dinosaurs. Launched in January 2019, it has been broadcast in France by France 5 and the Okoo app since last December. Broadcast on a number of channels and platforms around the world, it will soon be offered to subscribers to the Netflix platform, in almost all of the territories where it is present.



PACHAMA in the qualified list of Oscars 2020!

PACHAMA competes with the best, while the record number of animated films breaks an Oscar record with 32 films qualified for the 2020 edition! 

Oscars 2020 : qualified films list

Variety:  Pachamama qualified for Oscars


A roaring trailer for KIKUMBA!

The KIKOUMBA trailer is officially launched.

The series is broadcast by Disney Channel Germany, produced by TF1 France and distributed by NEWEN.
The studio in charge of the animation is BLUE SPIRIT ANIMATION.


GIGANTOSAURUS: 104 episods for Season 2!

Kaïbou starts GIGANTAUSAURUS Season 2 for producer CYBER GROUPE STUDIO. The 104 episodes of the new series will be broadcast on DISNEY CHANNEL.
BLUE SPIRIT ANIMATION is the studio in charge of animation.


GIGANTOSAURUS: 104 episods for Season 2!

Kaïbou starts GIGANTAUSAURUS Season 2 for producer CYBER GROUPE STUDIO. The 104 episodes of the new series will be broadcast on DISNEY CHANNEL.
BLUE SPIRIT ANIMATION is the studio in charge of animation.


Big leap in the 2nd season with OUM LE DAUPHIN!

Kaibou jumps into the the making off for the Season 2 of OUM Le Dauphin for producer Nathalie Altmann for MEDIAVALLEY and director & co-producer Stephane Bernasconi (Marzipan films).
BLUE SPIRIT ANIMATION is the studio in charge of animation.


Fall lunch with RUNES!

RUNES entered the program of Kaïbou for the producer Reginald de Guillebon. The production is directed by Ivan Rouveure at Les ARMATEURS.
The animation is provided by BLUE SPIRIT ANIMATION.


3 simultaneous VFX projects for Kaïbou!

By the end of the summer, Kaïbou is working on 3 simultaneous VFX projects:
. the film FENG SHEN for the studio BUF Compagnie
. the film BILL AND TED for the studio BUF Compagnie
. the film YELLOW EYES for the studio MEL’S


Black cats bring good luck to Kaïbou…

KAIBOU has just signed with the producer The production of the feature film Awakening Production (TAP) LADYBUG & CAT BLACK: The Awakening.
The film is developed at ON animation Studio Montréal.


Spotlight on PRINCESS DRAGON production!

Kaibou signs with ANKAMA a part of the animation that will be performed in Montreal at ANKAMA.


Transatlantic for the new Kaïbou office!

Kaibou crosses the ocean and inaugurates his French office “KAIBOU FRANCE SERVICES”, which will now offer the same services for french C2I (international tax credit)!



PLAYMOBIL, The movie:
A 100% Montreal animation!

PLAYMOBIL, THE FILM, the most anticipated cartoon of the summer leaves on the French screens on August 7th, in Germany on the 8th and in Great Britain on the 9th.

Forty-five years after their birth in Germany, Kaïbou has produced the Canadian production at ON AMIMATION STUDIO MONTREAL for producer THE LITTLE DRAGON.

The film, is a French production 100% made in Montreal at the offices of ON Animation Studios (The Little Prince, Mune, The Prodigies)!

L’EXPRESS >  Learn more


MAI 2019


STUBBY in all french cinemas from May 22nd.

Kinepolis >  Learn more
Gaumont >  Learn more

MAI 2019


The Annecy Festival will open the 2019 edition with the premiere of PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE. It will be launched in November 2019 on american screens.

Animation World Network (AWN) >  Learn more
Ville d’Annecy >  Learn more

MAY 2019

PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE as a VR experience

PLAYMOBIL, LE FILM, offers a new type of content as an interactive virtual reality device, developed in parallel and in extension of feature films usually produced. Immersive and recreational experiences!

Mediakwest  >  Learn more

MAY 2019

A first price prix for PACHAMAMA ! 

PACHAMAMA WinsTokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF)  Excellence Award.

Anime Festival  >  Learn more


MAY 2019

LITTLE NICHOLAS grew up in 2D! 

If LITTLE NICHOLAS (LePetit Nicolas) was previously adapted to real action movies and an animated series in 2009, this is the first time that it’s honored by an animated feature film.

Cartoon & Brew  >  Learn more


MAY 2019


Kaïbou signs the VFX feature film SYNCHRONIC the new sci-fi thriller of “The Endless”, starring Lands Anthony Mackie (Avengers) and Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Gray). This is the BUF CANADA studio that provides some of the VFX. It’s one of the 20 most anticipated sci-fi movies of 2019.

Deadline  >  Learn more
iBold  >  Learn more

MAY 2019

LA CABANE À HISTOIRE, signed for the third season

DANDELOOO signs with KAÏBOU the production of the third season of the TV series LA CABANE À HISTOIRES, a program awarded with an International Emmy Kids Award and nominated for the Youth Prize and UNESCO Prize. The 2D animation is entrusted to the Montreal studio TOUTENKARTOON.

Mediapart >  Learn more

APRIL 2019


SADIE SPARKS is finally on air Disney Channel!
Watch the trailer if you are curious…

Brow Bag Films  >  Learn more
Cyber Group Studios >  Learn more

MARCH 2019

KAÏBOU at Los Angeles for the Animation Mission

Kaïbou and 6 other actors from Quebec’s animation industry are in Los Angeles for the Animation Mission organized by the BCTQ.

Kaïbou executive producer Anne Pagès has taken part in exclusive meetings and networking events to present Quebec’s production service offering in the animation sector. She has also meet independent producers and some of the biggest animation studios in the industry such as Disney, Dreamworks, Hulu, Jim Henson, Nickelodeon and Sony, to name a few.



PACHAMAMA nominated for the Cartoon Tributes!

Kaibou Productions / Folivari / O2B films / Doghouse Films are among the 4 nominees for the CARTOON TRIBUTES 2019 in the category “European Producer of the Year” for Pachamama.

Cartoon Media  >  Read more
Cartoon Movie Tributes  >  Read more



Autour de Minuit sign with Kaïbou the animated television series “JEAN-MICHEL SUPER CARIBOU”, adaptation of the literary work of Magali Le Huche. The animation was entrusted to the Montreal studio Blue Spirit.



The platform has acquired worldwide rights to broadcast Juan Antin’s animated film, with the exception of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada.
Netflix Media Center  >  Learn more
Kidscreen >  Learn more


PACHAMAMA favorite of 2019 worldwide festivals,
nominated for Cesar 2019!

PACHAMAMA, a real favorite of the 2019 festivals, is one of three nominees for the César 2019 for Best Animation Film (feature films).
He is also nominated at other festivals in Paris, Los Angeles, Meknes, London and Brussels.

Nominations for the César 2019  >  Learn more
César Academy >  Learn more


Our Best Wishes for 2019!

We wish you our warmest wishes for the year 2019.
Stay tuned for news!


PACHAMAMA in theatre from January 11! 

PACHAMAMA, THE SACRED TREASURE, will be released on Friday, January 11, 2019 in some cinemas.

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